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HR Consulting

We work together with clients to design their organizational structures, roles and responsibilities, to hire the right people and advise them on how to reward, develop and engage their people.

Learning & Development

Having the right competency is vital for the success of any business. We help our clients to identify and build the competency they need for the sustainability and growth of their business.

Customized HR Solutions

We believe that effective people and organizational capabilities are a source of competitive advantage. Our proven HR solutions create tangible value for enhancing the HR capabilities.

Proven HR Solutions for Unleashing Potential in Organizations and People

Our comprehensive HR Transformation methodology focuses on the Talent Acquisition & Engagement, Employee Relations, Reward & Benefits, Learning & Development, Talent Management and Performance Management that are critical to business success.

We help organizations to formulate PEOPLE Strategy with actionable plans and initiatives. A focused People Strategy that is integrated with and drives business objectives forward determines organizational success.

We guide and help orgnizations to comply with PEOPLE related statutory requirements in the most practical manners.  Not only to ensure the organizations avoid costly fines and other penalties but more importanly to prevent potential harm to the organization’s reputation.

We help organizations to build adequate HR Functions Area that fit the business requirements. Nowdays, HR functions are more focused on adding value to the strategic utilization of employees and ensuring that employee programs are impacting the business in positive and measurable ways.

We help organization to identify and build competencies that are needed for the HR Capability. When we are developing competencies for HR, we always consider the competencies that will meet emerging needs, as well as to capitalize the  competencies that have led to the success of the organizaton thus far.

Our HR Capability Building Online Learning Courses

MICLOH has designed and we aim to deliver a digital learning experience like no other that provides a range of foundation and intermediate courses suitable for every HR Professional's experience level. Embark on your E-learning journey today with MICLOH interactive online learning platform - MeLearn


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